Community Outreach and Health Education

To ensure that public health services reach their intended audiences, community outreach is a pivotal component of implementing successful programs. Especially among minority populations, a comprehensive outreach strategy assures that residents increase their knowledge regarding specific health concerns impacting their community and are aware of culturally-appropriate programs and other resources available locally. Given its organizational emphasis on health promotion, AAHI has implemented culturally- and linguistically-appropriate programs designed to improve community outreach and education among a diverse cohort.

AAHI has targeted more than 13 communities since it was established, partnering with dozens of local community- and faith-based organizations to coordinate health fairs, seminars, and community activities that raise awareness of specific issues of public health. Since 2008, AAHI has averaged more than 35 events per year, developing many longstanding, fruitful relationships.

AAHI’s activities facilitate the dissemination of important health information and provide technical assistance and support to community members by trained, multilingual individuals with shared cultural background.

Health seminars are conducted by trusted community members, such as doctors and religious leaders, in partnership with low-cost medical care providers. At the conclusion of the seminars, participants are given an opportunity to consult with medical experts and health educators to learn more about the specific health issue and seek out screening and treatment opportunities, when available.

The bulk of AAHI’s outreach and educational efforts are done in support of the organization’s five condition-specific programs, which target health concerns related to cancer, hepatitis B, diabetes, osteoporosis, and tobacco use. In response to recent events, additional efforts have gone toward educating limited-English proficiency individuals about the H1N1 influenza virus.

Through participation in health fairs and small-business outreach, AAHI also provides links to screening and referral services throughout the County. Timely and regular screenings have been shown to have significant impact on early detection and successful treatments for many chronic conditions. Taking these professional guidelines into account, AAHI provides fast and free bone-density, blood pressure, and diabetes screenings at events, as well as referrals to health care professionals for cancer screenings among high-risk community members.

To supplement their work in the field, AAHI develops and disseminates multilingual, culturally-relevant educational materials. The program library consists of pamphlets, brochures, booklets, and posters regarding a variety of diseases and illnesses of concern to the Asian American community. All materials are available for electronic download on the Resources page of this website.