Health Promoters Program

To assist during the planning and implementation of outreach events and provide overall programmatic support to our outreach efforts, AAHI relies on its greatest resource: the community.

Often referred to as “community health workers”, AAHI organizes and prepares committed community members—Health Promoters—to address issues of concern impacting Montgomery County’s Asian American population and to serve as liaisons between County resources and community members.

Not only do Health Promoters have intimate cultural knowledge of the communities they serve, but they are also familiar with mainstream institutions, processes, and resources available throughout the County. Health Promoters are a crucial tool in our efforts to educate the Asian American population and reduce cultural barriers by performing tasks in health promotion, education, and service delivery in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

Their contributions to AAHI have had a tremendous impact on our work and have allowed us to effectively reach out to some of the most isolated communities in the County. AAHI Health Promoters bring us one step closer to our mission of true health parity.

If you are interested in becoming a health promoter or want to know more about AAHI’s Health Promoters Program, please contact AAHI or fill out the Health Promoters Application and fax to 240-777-4564.

Health Promoters FY19:

Shamim Begum
Leigh Chang
Rose Anne Felipe
Tasneem Hussain
Sunghee Kim
Phung Nguyen
Maggie Tung
Kusuma Udagedera
Peter Uran
Tammy Wan

Past Trainings:
FY14 Archive
8-29-13 MOTA ACA Training.pdf
9-19-13 Resources Refresher.pdf
10-09-13 ACA Outreach Tactics.pdf
2-27-14 Evaluating Health Information on the Internet.pdf

FY15 Archive
9-25-14 Refresher Training.pdf
11-12-14 Affordable Care Act Info Session.pdf
1-22-15 Mental Health 101.pdf
3-26-15 Fitness & Wellness.pdf

FY16 Archive
03-31-16 MCDHHS101

FY17 Archive
09-22-16 Refresher Training
10-27-16 Health Insurance and ACA
02-23-17 Gerontology 101

FY18 Archive
01-25-18 Osteoporosis Training