AAHI Storybook

“Voices Among the Silent: Stories of Struggle and Strength from Asian Americans in Montgomery County, Maryland”


2008 Needs Assessment

Asian American Health Priorities: Strengths, Needs, and Opportunities for Action

2011-2015 Strategic Plan
2005 Needs Assessment

Asian American Health Initiative Community Health Needs Assessment

FY2018 Annual Report
FY2017 Annual Report
FY2016 Annual Report
FY 2012 ACT B Evaluation Report
FY2013 Filipino American Ministry Hep B Evaluation Report
FY2012 SMASH-B Evaluation Report 

Previous Reports

FY2009 Annual Report

FY2010 Annual Report

FY2011 Annual Report

FY2012 Annual Report

FY2013 Annual Report

FY2014 Annual Report

FY2015 Annual Report

FY 2010 Hepatitis B Evaluation Report

FY 2011 Hepatitis B Evaluation Report

Journal Articles

Barriers to health care access in 13 Asian American communities.
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Assessing the Needs and Guiding the Future: Findings from the Health Needs Assessment in 13 Asian American Communities of Maryland in the United States.
Lee S, Ma GX, Juon HS, Martinez G, Hsu CE, Bawa J.
J Immigr Minor Health. 2009 Dec 10. PMID: 20012202

Model minority at risk: expressed needs of mental health by Asian American young adults.
Lee S, Juon HS, Martinez G, Hsu CE, Robinson ES, Bawa J, Ma GX.
J Community Health. 2009 Apr;34(2):144-52.PMID: 18931893

Reducing liver cancer disparities: a community-based hepatitis-B prevention program for Asian-American communities.
Hsu CE, Liu LC, Juon HS, Chiu YW, Bawa J, Tillman U, Li M, Miller J, Wang M.J Natl Med Assoc. 2007 Aug;99(8):900-7.PMID: 17722668

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