ECHO Project

The Empowering Community Health Organizations (ECHO) Project provides a series of training workshops aimed to build the capacity and sustainability of community organizations. AAHI works in partnership with other programs in the Montgomery County to host two workshops each year, which engage community leaders with the information and skills they need to develop culturally and linguistically sensitive health programming for the immigrant and minority community at large.

Recognizing the needs of our community, in the past, the ECHO Project has used its workshops to address various topics relevant to minority community leaders such as health data, mental health, and senior health, to name a few.

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Workshop Summary

ECHO 18 – Grants
ECHO 17 – Tailored for Success: Getting the Job You Want
ECHO 16 – Active Shooter Planning and Response
ECHO 15 – Building Resilience: Community and Individual Emergency Preparedness
ECHO 14 – Maintaining Health and Financial Security as We Age
ECHO 13 – Aging in Montgomery County: Building a Safer Community Together
ECHO 12 – Aging in Montgomery County: Creating an Inclusive Community for a Lifetime
ECHO 11 – Basics of Program Evaluation
ECHO 10 – Finding Census Data
ECHO 9 – Intro to Health Data
ECHO 8 – Mental Health in Our Communities II
ECHO 7 – Mental Health in Our Communities
ECHO 6 – The Affordable Care Act in the Capital Region: How to Enroll
ECHO 5 – The Affordable Care Act in Montgomery County: What You Need to Know
ECHO 4 – Tackling Grant Budgets
ECHO 3 – Grants 102
ECHO 2 – Grants 101
ECHO 1 – Department of Health and Human Services 101