• Responding to the Health Needs of
    Asian Americans
  • Montgomery
    Department of Health
    and Human Services

Health Promoters Program

The Health Promoters Program consists of a group of bilingual and bicultural community health advocates, known as Health Promoters, who serve on the frontline at community outreach events. Health Promoters are a vital aspect of AAHI’s outreach efforts, acting as gatekeepers between AAHI and the multiple Asian American communities within the County. Using their intimate knowledge of the local community, Health Promoters assist AAHI in providing culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate health services to the diverse Asian community. In turn, AAHI provides Health Promoters with regular trainings to educate and empower them so that they can serve as assets to their community and can support AAHI in their community outreach efforts.

Health Promoters FY20:

Shamim Begum

Tasneem Hussain

Sunghee Kim

Maggie Tung


Kusuma Udagedera

Peter Uran

Tammy Wan

Past Trainings: