Our Blueprint

The blueprint handbook for the asian american health initiative being read

In Fiscal Year 2020, the Blueprint for the Asian American Health Initiative, 2020-2030, was published, serving as a guide for the development and identification of priorities and strategies to improve the health and wellness of Asian American communities in Montgomery County. With 15% of Montgomery County’s population being Asian American, the Blueprint outlines demographics, social determinants, and health disparities relevant to the Asian American community. In addition to highlighting the barriers Asian Americans face, the Blueprint also explores what is being done to address Asian American needs and what more can be done.

The Blueprint was developed with the support and input from various stakeholders such as the AAHI Steering Committee, AAHI staff and contractors, local health care and social services delivery leaders, and Asian American faith-based and community-based organizations and leaders, to name a few. Combining the needs and stakeholder input, the Blueprint lays out priority areas and recommendations that can support health actions and policies to aid in Montgomery County Asian American community health improvement for the next ten years. The Blueprint serves as resource, not only to AAHI, but to any entity committed and interested in addressing Asian American health and wellness.

AAHI invites you to view their Blueprint and join them in building a healthy community for all.